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Ok So I decided to try Marshmallow because my widgets stopped loading and I found out about Adoptable Storage.

Once you enable this though, it formats your SD card, so you back up your data fist, with the intention of moving it right back of course.

BUT after you format the card and plug in the device to your computer, you only have access to Internal Storage. (Drop down notifications and select USB Charging and change to MTP [Media Transfer Protocol].

I have 120GB SD with 40Gbs of data and my Internal Storage was only like ~9GBs free! (Im using AOKP which is based upon CM), so it would mean either syncing over Wifi [Hours and Hours] or moving to Internal Storage then moving to SD card [Again Hours and Hours].

I managed to get the SD card to show up in windows by doing the following:

Caveat : Now it only shows External SD Card [This is fine by me! I only use Internal for Apps really]

1. Go to Settings -> Storage and USB.
2. Go to Internal Storage -> Cached Data to clear cache.
3. Go to Settings -> Apps. Hit the top right corner ellipses, hit "Show System". That should bring up "Media Storage" in the list of apps.
4. Once you open Media Storage, hit "Force Stop".
5. Switch of the phone, and turn it back on.

Id like to thank AKSHAY SINGH JAMWAL @ for figuring this out!

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