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This is a bit tricky to figure out as some shortcuts are already taken by Office. Press and hold "ALT" to view current shortcuts, try pressing a letter next, if nothing happens that key is available.

Shortcuts in the OfficeUI file must take the form of "ALT+foo+bar".


This sets the "TAB" shortcut to "ALT+L" 

<mso:tab id="mso_c1.3F71B3CB" label="New Tab" insertBeforeQ="mso:TabInsert" keytip="L">
'keytip="L" Is what does the "Magic"

This sets the "Button" under the above "TAB" to "1" creating the final Keyboard Shortcut of "ALT+L+1"

<mso:button idQ="x1:C:_Users_Admin_Downloads_test.xlsm_test_0_3F71D695" label="test" imageMso="ListMacros" onAction="C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\test.xlsm!test" visible="true" keytip="1"/>

Note: The way I generally do this is use the 'Customize Ribbon' wizard and then edit the "Excel.OfficeUI" file directly.

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