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Download Master Zip and Copy the contents of custom_components/browser_mod/ to <your config dir>/custom_components/browser_mod/


Note about camera feature!

The camera does not work well with Fully Kiosk Browser. If you're using FKB, use the built-in camera functionality instead. It's better in every way.

I will be using FKB, so I'll be leaving this option out!

      camera: true

Note about "blackout" feature

Note: This will not turn off your screen backlight. Most screens will still emit light in a dark room.

I will be attempting to use this in FKB, stay tuned.

moving on...

Add this to configuration.yaml then log out of a current session if needed and reboot/restart HA:

  prefix: "browsermod_"
  - url: /browser_mod.js
    type: module
      #name: arrakis
  #  - all

This will allow you to find devices under "devices" in the UI, prefixed with "browsermod_" and then assign an alias!

I'm going to find one specific device and then adjust mine to not add new devices for each session, as I only need this for my "kiosk":


  prefix: "browsermod_"
  - url: /browser_mod.js
    type: module
      #name: freesoftwareservers_browsermod
      name: bmodalias
    - all

I then rebooted and nothing was available... so I removed "disable all" and tested again via reboot.

I tried using "name: bsmodalias" as it was shorter without "_". That worked, so I don't know the exact params, but keep your alias short & simple!

More Notes: I had issues "doing something" because I had a the wrong device-ID. Make sure to set alias ASAP and disable all. As well, note that device id may need "-" or "_" depending on where you are working.

Great, now lets do something!

I'm going to use the UI to call the navigate service and change display.

Great, but I want to open a camera entity! And script this, if you haven't setup scripts see here. Split Scripts into Multiple Files in Directory with Home-Assistant

Here is my script to open my camera card. I originally was going to add wait/close etc, but really, you want it open untill XYZ which should be handled in the automation, not this script.

   - service: browser_mod.more_info
       entity_id: camera.camera_name_example
       large: true
       - bmodalias

ToDo: Add Playing Mp3 and Incoming Audio from Camera

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