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So I have my own server, so I have access to all permissions, etc also I know that no other admin changed anything. Through trial and error I found this to be the only way to properly change site URL.

Modify wp-config.php


While they say this isn't recommended, it only stops you from being able to change it via dashboard and IT WORKS.

Caveat: (WIP) All ways I have tried break the ability to update WordPress via Dashboard. It worked when I chmod 777 -R but I haven't figured out exactly where/how to fix this without chmod 777. (I only did that for testing and reverted back the backup)

I tried the follow other ways.

Via dashboard and using Velvet URL to fix URL links.
Via dashboard and find and replace all urls in SQL database.
CHMOD 777 -R (just for testing)

I didn't spend long on this thought since I Backup Wordpress site with TAR and SQL Crontab Script

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