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SMART is a set of tools some Hard Drives come with to monitor there health. I got a new HD off Ebay and was having issues and SMART helped me save myself some headache by confirming it was a bad drive.

Install via:

sudo apt-get install smartmontools

In my case all i need to do was see the output of:

smartctl -Hc /dev/sdb
smartctl -a -d sat /dev/sdb

said Failed, end of story!


Note: Some values like x190 the value is the raw number -100. So a "Raw Number" of 30 is a "Value" of 70. 


More Syntax:

--check if drive has SMART capabilites

sudo smartctl -i /dev/sdb1 

--if supported but disabled

sudo smartctl -s on /dev/sdX

--to find estimated times to run tests

sudo smartctl -c /dev/sdb1 

--to run the long test, the best of course

sudo smartctl -t long /dev/sdX 


sudo smartctl -l selftest /dev/sda  

--For detailed info on IDE drive

sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda 

--For Sata

sudo smartctl -a -d ata /dev/sda 

To check mounted disks /dev/XXX use:

sudo blkid 
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