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So I read about some great options if you use Server Center and also using the Command Line vmtools but I don't use Server Center and apparently the Command Line option only works with VM Versions less then or equal to 8.

I generally just Export and Deploy VM's since I get a backup in the process, but this is a nifty tool. You can clone between ESXi servers.

But there is a FREE Standalone converter made by VMWare. This is what you want and you basically convert from ESXI VM Guest to ESXI VM Guest (aka don't convert just copy).

After you install it, you will hit Connect to Local Server.

Then find Convert Machine.


Now Connect to your remote Server Source


Now the Destination *The Same thing usually*

Then it will show you your ESXI host and the guest options / version.


I used a Ubuntu Server clone and got an error regarding "reconfiguring". I beleive *just guessing* this is going to happen for most non windows guests and just means it can't run sysprep. I will be covering post cloning steps separatley but its mostly related to refreshing NIC MAC and changing hostname.

Here is my Options Page with the Warning, I just clicked next.


And Finally the Summary! Just hit finish and wait! (Mine took about 5 Minutes)

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