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alias clusterstart="pcs cluster start --all"
alias clusterstop="pcs cluster stop --all"
alias clusterstatus="pcs status"
alias clusterresourcestatus="pcs status resources"
alias clusterdc='pcs status | grep "Current DC\|virtual_ip"'
alias clusterconstraints="pcs constraint --full"
alias drbdstatus="drbd-overview"
alias watchdrbd="watch drbd-overview"
alias catdrbd="drbd-overview"
alias node1standby="pcs cluster standby node1"
alias node1unstandby="pcs cluster unstandby node1"
alias node1stop="pcs cluster stop node1"
alias node1start="pcs cluster start node1"
alias node2standby="pcs cluster standby node2"
alias node2unstandby="pcs cluster unstandby node2"
alias node2stop="pcs cluster stop node2"
alias node2start="pcs cluster start node2"
alias watchclustermon="watch ls -la /usr/local/bin/"
alias watchpcsstatus="watch pcs status"
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