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Just go the new FosCam FI9821W V2 today. I chose it because it had presets inside ZoneMinder :P. Glad I did, not only does the preset help, but MORE important is that there is information/wiki's to guide to setting it up.

Getting it running was as easy as cake.

First download the search tool. To find the IP.

Then go to http://ip:88

Then set to static IP and you will have to create a new user. BUT for PTZ to work in ZoneMinder you need to then create the user admin again with a password.


I recommend setting the PT speed to very slow on this camera. I still found it difficult to move it to "exactly" where I wanted it. Anyway...

Once you do that head over to ZoneMinder console.

First lets get the Control Tab Enabled.

Then Add New Monitor.

Select Presets and find the FI9821W


Now Name it whatever you want and leave the "General" tab alone.

Head over to Source tab. You will need to put either admin/<your_user_name> and password and the cameras IP inside the source field.

Source Monitor

Again, leave the rest alone and move onto Control Tab. (Don't see it>? Make sure you Enable Control Tab)

First Off, The preset selects the WRONG Control Type! Change to Foscam FI9821W

Control Device = ADMIN's PASSWORD created earlier ONLY

Control Address = <ip>:88

Auto Stop Timeout = 1.


That's it! You can now test inside ZoneMinder. Click the Monitor Name and look for the word control at the top of the window. Try to move Camera. Don't try it in an App and think its configured wrong, first confirm it works in ZoneMinder!

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