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I got this phone new for around 150$ including the base unit, extra sets can be purchased for around 60-100$.

KX-TGP500 Full Manual

Major Thanks to

I am using it in conjuction with my FreePBX Distro configured for Google Voice for a Free Landline for Life! Not a bad deal!

To connect to WebUI you must first Enable it via the headset

Menu >> IP Service >> Embedded Web >> ON >> Save. (You can also find the IP under IP Service >> Network Settings >> IP Settings OR Menu >> #501) 

Now log into WebUI

Username = admin
PWD = adminpass 

1st things first, lets get the SW updated, mine had an upgrade available. Check software version in phone via

Menu >> Initial Settings >> Software Version

Check latest version here.

In web UI go to

Maintenance >> Local Firmware Update >> Upload File >> Update Firmware. (Note this disabled WebUI, had to re-enable) 
In this example we will use the following :
Asterisk/FreePBX Server @
Extension = 201
Username = 201 

Go to VoIP >> SIP Settings >> Line 1


Phone Number = Extension
Line ID = Extension
Registrar Server Address = Server IP
Proxy Server Address = Server IP
Presence Server Address = Server IP
Outbound Proxy Server Address = Server IP
Service Domain = Server IP
Authentication ID = Username (In my case, I made it the same as the Extension)
Authentication Password = Secret

Now View Status


Status >> VoIP Status >> Registered

To Select Line on Phone


Line >> 201 >> Select


Place Inbound/Outbound calls to test!

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