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Regardless, you will need WiiU Soft

WiiU Soft Note: They are "working" on WiiU Pro, but looks like nothing has been updated in over a year. Worth checking the news part though!

There is a Windows Installer, use that.

For use without Toshiba Bluetooth Stack : (Caveat, you must re-pair controller each time you use it!)

Download the HotFix from the link Above. Copy over Nintroller.dll to 

C:\Program Files\WiinUSoft

Then pair controller as normal. The first time it was ask for passcode, leave this blank. It will likely just stay there saying "Connecting", just close the window it will connect. Now Open WiiU Soft and your controller should be there.


I had to reboot after WiiUSoft installation and I had to use Fix2. There are 4 Fixes, to be tried in Order. (Not a once fix fits all situation I guess)

For use With Toshiba BT Stack (RECOMMENDED)

I already have a guide on installing the Toshiba BT Stack, but the link for the drivers seems to have been taken down on Toshiba's Offical site. The latest Package I could find was >> 

TC00636200A-Toshiba BT Stack.exe

After installing, just sync and use like normal! BTW, you still need WiiUSoft after connecting Wii U Pro Controller to make Windows treat the controller as a XBox 360 Controller.

As such, I like using XPadder for Media profiles and I'll usually make a profile with dedicated buttons for save state and load state.

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