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  1. ESXI Customizer Script  >> creates the ISO
  2. VMware PowerCLI >> called by esXi customizer script.
  3. ESXi offline bundle >>ESXi "iso" in a zip ready to be customized by script
  4. Any VIBS needed to be added or ZIPS.

HTML5 Web Client :



Realtek 8168/8111/8411/8118 based NICs

Adaptec's Site is Confusing... 

Start Here :


You want 3 Vibs.

Example for 6405e:


These 2 can be found in Storage Manager >> MaxView zip for ESXi

vmware-esx-provider-arcconf.vib = command line communication.
vmware-esx-provider-arcsmis.vib = remote management communication 

This can be found under VMWare >> VMware ESXi 6 Downloads

mware-esxi-drivers-scsi-aacraid-*.x86_64.vib = Raid Drivers

Install VMware PowerCLI && place all files under C:/temp/ (Note: you can have other files that don't belong, like VMWare-PowerCLI.exe, and it won't effect anything)

Open VMWare PowerCLI && Download Offline Bundle 

C:\temp.\ESXi-Customizer-PS-v2.4.ps1 -ozip

Create custom ISO with latest Patch level and all your VIB's

C:\temp.\ESXi-Customizer*.ps1 -izip C:\temp\ESXi-6.0.0-20161004001-standard.zip -pkgDir C:\temp -nsc

More Info && Credit! : http://www.v-front.de/p/esxi-customizer-ps.html

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