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You have a few options:

  • Use DISM and SysPrep with Windows Audit Mode
  • Use a GUI - I recommend NTLite
  • I ended up using both, NTLite for nit-picky features/drivers (and creating unattended.xml) and sysprep to install all my software
  • I found its best to create an image via sysprep THEN use NTLite, but either way should work
  • I really like using the LTSB Edition of Windows 10 (You can install the store on LTSB now and run with UAC Disabled!)
  • Personally I just made two custom ISO's (One LTSB and One Enterprise v1709), good practice anyway.

Now is a great time to check out "Custom Themes for Windows 10" before you finalize your ISO, also, keep your "PreSysPrep" backups, if you are like me, you will re-do this more then a few times before your satisfied.


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