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This script will simply create a file /tmp/testfile when you click on the button that says "Open Script".

This requires 3 files.

1. The actual HTML Website with a button.
2. A php script which executes the script
3. A Script

The File Tree:


root@test:/var/www/html# tree testscript/
??? index.html
??? testexec.php

1. The main WebPage:

root@test:/var/www/html# cat testscript/index.html
<form action="/testscript/testexec.php">
    <input type="submit" value="Open Script">


2. The PHP Page that runs the script and redirects back to the main page:

root@test:/var/www/html# cat testscript/testexec.php

3. The Script :

root@test:/var/www/html# cat testscript/


touch /tmp/testfile 

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