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These get configured in "/etc/xymon/analysis.cfg" and then restart xymon


nano /etc/xymon/analysis.cfg && systemctl restart xymon xymon-client
        PORT LOCAL=%[.:](22) STATE=LISTEN max=2 "TEXT=SSH Listener"
        PORT LOCAL=%[.:](22) STATE=ESTABLISHED min=0 max=2 color=red TRACK=ssh "TEXT=SSH Logins"
        PROC apache2
        PROC nginx
        PROC confluence
        PROC kodi-headless
        PROC portainer
        PROC home-assistant
        PROC zoneminder
        PROC openvpn
        PROC mysqld
        PROC xymon
        PROC hv_vmbus_con
        PROC hv_pri_chan
        PROC hv_sub_chan
        PROC hv_balloon
        PROC hv_kvp_daemon
        PROC hv_vss_daemon
        PROC hv_fcopy_daemon


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