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Sub CreatePersonsCollectionSafer()
 Dim Persons As New clsPersons

 Persons.Add "RitaJ", "Smith"
 Persons.Add "SueB", "Jones"
 Persons.Add "Bob", "Brown"
 Dim Person As clsPersons
 Dim PersonNumber As Integer
 Debug.Print Persons.Count
 For PersonNumber = 1 To Persons.Count
  Debug.Print Persons.Item(PersonNumber).FullName
 Next PersonNumber
 Dim LastName As String
 LastName = "Brown"
 Debug.Print "Last Name = " & LastName & " & First Name = " & Persons.ItemByLastName(LastName).FirstName
End Sub

Class (clsPersons):

Option Explicit
Public Persons As New Collection
Private PersonsIndexDic As Object
Public FirstName As String
Public LastName As String
Private Sub Class_Initialize()
 Set PersonsIndexDic = CreateObject("scripting.dictionary")
End Sub

Sub Add(FirstName As String, LastName As String)
 Dim p As New clsPersons
 p.FirstName = FirstName
 p.LastName = LastName

 Persons.Add p
 PersonsIndexDic.Add Key:=LastName, Item:=PersonsIndexDic.Count + 1

End Sub

Sub Remove(NameOrNumber As Variant)
 Persons.Remove NameOrNumber
End Sub

Property Get Count() As Long
 Count = Persons.Count
End Property

Property Get Item(Index As Variant) As clsPersons
 Set Item = Persons(Index)
End Property

Property Get FullName() As String
 FullName = FirstName & " " & LastName
End Property

Property Get Items() As Collection
 Set Items = Persons
End Property

Property Get ItemByLastName(LastName As String) As clsPersons
   Set ItemByLastName = Persons(PersonsIndexDic(LastName))
End Property



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