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Note: This may not be necessary if you can get the "latest" 6.0 Updated, but you can use an earlier offline bundle with this command OR if that doesn't work, I know for sure this works. Using VPshere Ent Plus 6.01UA offline bundle.

You will need the following files >>

Offline Bundle of esXi


ESXi Customize Script

Place them all in a folder in C:\temp and run the following in POWERSHELL (don't use PowerCLI) >>

C:\temp.\ESXi-Customizer-PS-v2.4.ps1 -izip C:\temp\ESXi600-201510001.zip -load net-e1000e
ESXi600-201510001.zip = VSphere Enterprise Plus 6.01UA offline bundle.
-izip = Use offline ZIP instead of ISO
-load net-e1000e = latest drivers for SkyLake (gets them from offical repo online @ vmware) [This is where the problem is]

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