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Ok so again, I found the wording of the docs to be hard to understand, but once I got it I was like .... really.

Long Story short is monitors automatically show up as linked, but you need to click it and save to have it actually be Linked. To unlink cntrl+click and save.

Example: In this Configuration QCam will trigger an Event when FosCam triggers an Alarm.

FosCam = Camera A 
QCam = Camera B
Foscam has 0 Linked Monitors
QCam has 1 Linked Monitor


Don't link on both ends or you get a loop!


How I configured it was if you link a monitor, but its not in modect mode and just in monitor, it won't trigger an alarm even when camera A has an alarm. What you want to do is delete all zones on the linked monitor, but leave it in modect mode.

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