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Heres my adventure installing Andriod 9 Pie on my Pixel XL w/ Magisk for root and ElementalX Kernel.


TLDR: The GitHub 16.7 Zip WILL NOT WORK with Pixel XL, you can use patched_boot.img or use MagiskMGR to download Magisk-16.7(1671).zip for Pixel{XL} and I *suspect*1674 for Pixel 2{XL} (Aug 7th 2018)
I ran into bootloop installing Magisk via zip and did a lot of troubleshooting, hopeing this can save others time.


  • I use Minimal ADB and Fastboot and Unified Android Toolkit

How I Did It:

  • I go way overkill and start as fresh/clean as possible
*Install Stock FW >> wipe userdata >> using Unified Android Toolkits "Manual Method"
*Enable USB Debugging and File X-Fer Mode and run Minmal ADB and Fastboot
*adb reboot bootloader >> fastboot boot twrp.img >> install twrp >> wipe cache >> reboot
*adb reboot recovery >> (test TWRP)
*Install ElementalX Kernel >> wipe cache >> reboot
*Install MagiskMGR >> Switch to "Beta" track >> Download Magisk Zip 
*Reboot to TWRP >> Install Magisk Zip
*Reboot >> Check SafetyNet Status and Root(SU) >> Success!!

Download Links:

Magisk 16.7:

Uninstaller Zip:


Magisk Zip:

https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk/...gisk-v16.7.zip *USE MAGISKMGR!~

Magisk Manager:



Fastboot IMG:


TWRP Installer Zip:


ElementalX Kernel:


Factory 9.0 Image for Pixel XL:


Minimal ADB and Fastboot:


*Start Fresh
*Install TWRP, reboot and confirm working
*Install ElementalX, reboot and confirm working
*Install Magisk16.7(1671).zip >> Reboot >> Success!!!!!!!

Q: Does patched_boot.img need to be re-created each flash? Is file shareable/re-useable or unique to device/current flash?
Q: Did I just have a corrupted Magisk Github DL? If anybody wants to try again and test, I ran out of energy once it worked!

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