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  • Windows Movie Maker was easiest, but had "still frames" eg No Transition effects, etc.
  • Windows Photo App did best job, only issue was I couldn't add multiple MP3's, I had to first string together MP3's into one file.
    • When creating video select "Create video for me", this add's random effects/transitions and one of my favorite features "Random Durations". I then edit Theme/Audio, but leave everything else mostly as is.
    • But before I could do that I needed to figure out how long video/audio was and Photos did a horrible job, MovieMaker & Leawo really helped me understand the Audio/Video Timeline then I used Photo App to create final video and added a single MP3 which was really 4 songs mergerd. Merge MP3's
    • Photo App video looked better than Movie Maker and that was with "free version" the PRO had 1080p for $10, I might get this
    • Leawo is also paid and more expensive, but it has best quality options

* Leawo Video Converter worked well, had issues at first I had "Copy Audio" in my profile and that caused a fail, I had to figure out to select a Bitrate.

  • Would have been nice if Laewo helped me debug this vs just "Failure".
  • Nice transition effects, but Photo's App was better, Photo's App did some random effects which I really liked eg: Zoom out, and make some pics move by faster and some slower, it had a good algorithm I didn't have to tweak anything.
  • Probably the best GUI and I had Microsoft Store Apps, but I have to give this one to the 'Photo's App'!
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My plan moving forward:

  • Use Movie Maker to understand/plan Video/Audio timeline
  • Use MP3 Merge to create Audio Track for use with Microsoft Photo App (I figure this feature will be added one day...)
  • Use Photo App to create final video

Using Windows Photo App:

  • This app is funky to control... I had to "mess around" to get things to add random effects like I wanted
  • Start by "Create Video for me"
  • Then Edit Video
  • Then Edit Theme, I like the "Adventure Themes" random transition/zoom, but not filter. So I first applied this theme, then switched to Classic.
  • Then Edit any special Frames
  • Watch & Export!
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