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[Update] This is a WIP, it isn't working for me, though this is the correct instructions, but I have figured out how to use HTML5 embedded client with my SSL certs.
(I recommend getting the latest VCenter ISO)

For this you need to make sure your domain.crt and bundle files are separate. The names do not matter in this scenario.

I find it easiest to just create a folder /root/ssl/ and use VI to copy/create the 3 files over.

Example file tree before starting




SSH into VCenter appliance and run:




(Enter Administrator PWD)
Example >>
Please provide valid custom certificate for Machine SSL.
File : /root/ssl/domain.crt

Please provide valid custom key for Machine SSL.
File : /root/ssl/domain.key

Please provide the signing certificate of the Machine SSL certificate
File : /root/ssl/

If it fails @ 0% read here. But the moral is also that it is fixed in 6.0U1B. So getting the newest Vcenter iso can fix this as well.

Referenced this KB

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