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To Do:

  •  Patch uxtheme.dll via UltraUXThemePatcher

  • Ribbon Disabler

  • A Theme! Trusted source is DevianArt

I liked to use the following theme + Icon Pack: (I prefer the DarkUI, but it can mess up some applications so I install both in case I need to switch between)

Install UXTheme Patcher and Ribbon Disabler and then move theme into folder(s)


  • ReRun UXTheme Patcher to confirm status = "patched/no need to patch"
  • Themes may come with different "versions" for different versions of windows, extract the zip and look in the folders to confirm you copy the correct folder to themes
  • (THIS IS ONLY NEEDED FOR VERSIONS BEFORE v1703) For dark themes Windows 10 loads defaults from the following registry location after every lock/sleep/hibernate/crash. 
  • Make a backup of that key, take ownership of it, and then delete that whole key (defualtcolors). 


Folder Locations:


Switching Themes:

  • Right click anywhere on the desktop, select Personalize then go down to Themes and find the Visual Style you wish to apply.

Delete DefaultColors.reg:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 




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