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Installing CygWin is not like your average windows program. I had trouble figuring it out, hopefully this helps. I plan on doing a video as well as this is mostly a GUI related post. (Hence the Pictures).



  •  I like to Select "Download but don't Install"

  • Switch view to "Category"
  • Search for terms below one by one
  •  Click word "Default" next to "All" and change to "Install" 



Note: I found I had to select install all for each term and then download packages, restart process and download packages for next term. Thankfully we can use general terms and it add's dependancies automatically. 

  •  Zip folder for later
  • Then re-start installer and choose "Install from Local Dir"
  •  At Package Selection Stage >> Click word "Default" next to "All" and change to "Install"

Note: Make sure to create shortcuts on desktop at the end of installation


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  1. Anonymous

    Where are all the screen captures?

    1. user-43d90

      I'll fix it soon, thanks. I probably lost some images while migrating to google cloud. Moving Confluence was way harder then it needed to be IMO.

    2. user-43d90

      For now you can always watch the Youtube video and hit pause !