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NOTE : THIS IS FOR V1, read comments Regarding V2. Untested as I have V1 only.

The Linksys EA6500 is a great piece of hardware that came with bad firmware IMO. But its been on eBay refurbished for some time now for ~30$!! So that is a steal, currently I have 2, one as a wireless repeater with the TX increased on both to 100 and it works like a charm! *Read guide at bottom about Wireless Repeaters*

This is not for the faint of heart! It took me multiple tries (<10) to get DD-WRT to take and I have tested with 2 separate routers. But I was successful both times eventually! If you aren't familiar with this content a bit, I'd stay with default FW. Also Read entire guide and download all files before disconnecting from Internet!

  1. Disconect from Internet and hardwire in via one of the 4 LAN ports
  2. SET STATIC IP! (Check out how to Change IP with .CMDs to allow easy switching)
  3. Navigate to Linksys WebGUI *Linksys default webpage is pwd admin*
  4. Usually you have to change your OEM firmware via Connectivity >> Manual "Choose File" >> YES I have read successful reports of using FW_EA6500_1.1.27.144156_prod.trx & FW_EA6500_1.1.28.146856.SSA but you can try FW_EA6500_1.1.29.162351.SSA as well
  5. [Update] I recently used 1.1.29 + dd.wrt.23082 successfully, but again, its a hit a miss process.


5. Try to upload A or B (This process is not 100% seems to be hit or miss, try different OEM FW and try different DD-WRT FW) (Smallest DD-WRT 1st, IE: ~21MB then update to newer ~24MB FW's)

A) dd-wrt-23082-ea6500.trx

From ftp://ftp.dd-wrt.com/betas/2013/

B) fractal-firstrelease-dd-wrt-K3x-22524-ea6500.trx

From ftp://gakinaction.ddns.net/Fractal_Builds/

6. Once you get here, unplug Ethernet cord and reboot PC while router finishes. Then try accessing once rebooted.

7. Once it takes, you will get to DD-WRT Splash screen and now you can update (Administration >> Firmware Upgrade) to any version of DD-WRT for linksys EA6500.

BrianSlayer ports @ ftp://ftp.dd-wrt.com/betas/2015/

Users have seemed to like the 27490-ea6500.trx release. (Including me)

##First check version number to be able to confirm update.

9. To restore OEM Firmware follow steps to update firmware and just select OEM hardware from step #4.

10. Do a 30-30-30 reset to make sure it really stuck, you'll have to do it at some point probably, better now then at a mission critical point!

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  1. Anonymous

    Everyone on the DD-WRT forum strongly advises to backup the CFE.bin and NOT to perform a 30-30-30 reset in case you ever need to flash the stock firmware. I'm curious why you don't mention that. Did you do not run into this issue?

  2. user-43d90

    Hmmm, its been so long since I set this up, it just works great. But, I think one time I did a 30-30-30 and got back to Linksys, which wasn't what I wanted, I wanted to reset DD-WRT back to factory defaults. Now I always just do a 30-30-30 to test. If I want to recovery linksys, I can use TFTP, which I covered in another post here.

  3. Anonymous

    I have an ea6500 v2. Where is the information on this version? I can't not seem to get DDWRT on it no matter what I try.

    1. Anonymous

      Restore previous version of firmware. Next flash AdvancedTomato firmware. From AdvancedTomato flash DD WRT. But after that procedure I stuck on that version of DD WRT and cannot upgrade it to newer versions whatever I did :(

      1. Anonymous

        did you get the passwd from nvram? newer ddwrt versions encrypt the password

        1. Anonymous

          Today I have upgraded to the latest DD WRT for EA6500 v2. But it took two days of experiments :) You can use tftp to upload firmware. Reset 30/30/30 can be used too, it does not brick EA6500. I had no issue with password, you should reset to factory settings. The strange thing that I used linksys-ea6500v2-webflash.bin (05-02-2017-r31924), but firmware says that model is EA6700.

  4. Anonymous

    Hello I have an EA6500 V1 version, if I apply dd-wrt-23082-ea6500.trx what is the worse It can happen? is there something else I should take into consideration? Thank you

    1. user-43d90

      You can almost always rescue your router w/ the TFTP tool to restore the original firmware, I would apply the DD-WRT Image and have fun!

  5. Anonymous

    Can I flash this dd-wrt firmware to EA6700?