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NOTE : THIS IS FOR V1, read comments Regarding V2. Untested as I have V1 only.

The Linksys EA6500 is a great piece of hardware that came with bad firmware IMO. But its been on eBay refurbished for some time now for ~30$!! So that is a steal, currently I have 2, one as a wireless repeater with the TX increased on both to 100 and it works like a charm! *Read guide at bottom about Wireless Repeaters*

This is not for the faint of heart! It took me multiple tries (<10) to get DD-WRT to take and I have tested with 2 separate routers. But I was successful both times eventually! If you aren't familiar with this content a bit, I'd stay with default FW. Also Read entire guide and download all files before disconnecting from Internet!

  1. Disconect from Internet and hardwire in via one of the 4 LAN ports
  2. SET STATIC IP! (Check out how to Change IP with .CMDs to allow easy switching)
  3. Navigate to Linksys WebGUI *Linksys default webpage is pwd admin*
  4. Usually you have to change your OEM firmware via Connectivity >> Manual "Choose File" >> YES I have read successful reports of using FW_EA6500_1.1.27.144156_prod.trx & FW_EA6500_1.1.28.146856.SSA but you can try FW_EA6500_1.1.29.162351.SSA as well
  5. [Update] I recently used 1.1.29 + dd.wrt.23082 successfully, but again, its a hit a miss process.


5. Try to upload A or B (This process is not 100% seems to be hit or miss, try different OEM FW and try different DD-WRT FW) (Smallest DD-WRT 1st, IE: ~21MB then update to newer ~24MB FW's)

A) dd-wrt-23082-ea6500.trx


B) fractal-firstrelease-dd-wrt-K3x-22524-ea6500.trx


6. Once you get here, unplug Ethernet cord and reboot PC while router finishes. Then try accessing once rebooted.

7. Once it takes, you will get to DD-WRT Splash screen and now you can update (Administration >> Firmware Upgrade) to any version of DD-WRT for linksys EA6500.

BrianSlayer ports @

Users have seemed to like the 27490-ea6500.trx release. (Including me)

##First check version number to be able to confirm update.

9. To restore OEM Firmware follow steps to update firmware and just select OEM hardware from step #4.

10. Do a 30-30-30 reset to make sure it really stuck, you'll have to do it at some point probably, better now then at a mission critical point!

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  1. Anonymous

    Everyone on the DD-WRT forum strongly advises to backup the CFE.bin and NOT to perform a 30-30-30 reset in case you ever need to flash the stock firmware. I'm curious why you don't mention that. Did you do not run into this issue?

  2. Hmmm, its been so long since I set this up, it just works great. But, I think one time I did a 30-30-30 and got back to Linksys, which wasn't what I wanted, I wanted to reset DD-WRT back to factory defaults. Now I always just do a 30-30-30 to test. If I want to recovery linksys, I can use TFTP, which I covered in another post here.

  3. Anonymous

    I have an ea6500 v2. Where is the information on this version? I can't not seem to get DDWRT on it no matter what I try.

    1. Anonymous

      Restore previous version of firmware. Next flash AdvancedTomato firmware. From AdvancedTomato flash DD WRT. But after that procedure I stuck on that version of DD WRT and cannot upgrade it to newer versions whatever I did :(

      1. Anonymous

        did you get the passwd from nvram? newer ddwrt versions encrypt the password

        1. Anonymous

          Today I have upgraded to the latest DD WRT for EA6500 v2. But it took two days of experiments :) You can use tftp to upload firmware. Reset 30/30/30 can be used too, it does not brick EA6500. I had no issue with password, you should reset to factory settings. The strange thing that I used linksys-ea6500v2-webflash.bin (05-02-2017-r31924), but firmware says that model is EA6700.

  4. Anonymous

    Hello I have an EA6500 V1 version, if I apply dd-wrt-23082-ea6500.trx what is the worse It can happen? is there something else I should take into consideration? Thank you

    1. You can almost always rescue your router w/ the TFTP tool to restore the original firmware, I would apply the DD-WRT Image and have fun!

  5. Anonymous

    Can I flash this dd-wrt firmware to EA6700?