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Note: Grive2 is NOT an official Google Product


sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y grive
sudo apt-get install -f -y
sudo apt-get install -y grive
cd /dirtobackup
grive -a


After running the command above, an URL should be displayed in the terminal - copy this URL and paste it in a web browser. In the newly loaded page, you'll be asked to give Grive permission to access your Google Drive and after clicking "Allow access", an authentication code will be displayed - copy this code and paste it in the terminal where you ran Grive2.

root@fs:# grive --help
Grive options:
-h [ --help ] Produce help message
-v [ --version ] Display Grive version
-a [ --auth ] Request authorization token
-p [ --path ] arg Path to working copy root
-s [ --dir ] arg Single subdirectory to sync
-V [ --verbose ] Verbose mode. Enable more messages than normal.
--log-http arg Log all HTTP responses in this file for
--new-rev Create new revisions in server for updated files.
-d [ --debug ] Enable debug level messages. Implies -v.
-l [ --log ] arg Set log output filename.
-f [ --force ] Force grive to always download a file from Google
Drive instead of uploading it.
-u [ --upload-only ] Do not download anything from Google Drive, only
upload local changes
-n [ --no-remote-new ] Download only files that are changed in Google
Drive and already exist locally
--dry-run Only detect which files need to be
uploaded/downloaded, without actually performing
-U [ --upload-speed ] arg Limit upload speed in kbytes per second
-D [ --download-speed ] arg Limit download speed in kbytes per second
-P [ --progress-bar ] Enable progress bar for upload/download of files
root@fs:/mnt/mdadm# cat grive.sh

grive -s MyDocuments
alias gdrivedocs="nohup /mnt/mdadm/grive.sh > /mnt/mdadm/grive.log &"
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