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Step One:

Download the Unlocker @ InsanelyMac (Need to register BTW)

Get these files:


Move the over to the esXi host. [I like to use FileZilla.] [Give proper permission if necessary]

./esxi-install.sh && reboot 
Reboot is necessary.

This will replace your local(something) file on esxi host, I've never touched it so this wasn't an issue. [If you have you know what I am talking about :P]

Now you just need install media.
Convert InstallEMG.dmg to ISO
Read here for preping HD during Install with Disk Utility

Notes: If you use Hardware Version greater then 10, you may get a core dump, either create one with HW v 10 or add

smc.version = "0"


To the VMX Configuration file. Note that I used HW V 11 without this workaround on esXi 6.0 U1b without issues. But I suppose it all depends.

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