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I'm Assuming you are on a fresh install of Jarvis. Install PleX Server on Ubuntu

  1. Download Latest PleXBMC Add-on Zip File From https://github.com/hippojay/plugin.video.plexbmc/releases
  2. Install PlexBMC From Zip (Settings >> Add-ons >> Install from Zip)
  3. Install Amber Skin
  4. Now switch over to Amber and then go to Settings >> PlexBMC Settings >> Select Master Server
  5. Now Select "Go Plex" >> Settings >> Go Plex (And then YOU MUST RESTART KODI)
  6. UPDATE >> Sign in via Plex Username PWD.

Customize! (Your Videos should populate, but It can take time!)

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  1. Anonymous

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong but all I see when I open the add-on is sign in and refresh data. Any ideas?

  2. user-43d90

    I had issues with the latest Plex, I'd try the earlier version found here >> https://www.freesoftwareservers.com/wiki/install-plex-ubuntu-4325556.html Its pre v1 which gave me errors. Also, I did sign up for a free Plex Acct and I signed in under manual. It was so much easier the first time I set up plex, lately after upgrading its been issues.