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I have the Intel AC7620 Wireless Chip in my laptop. It is compatible with the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack, but Windows WILL fail to install it unless you follow the directions exactly. It isn't difficult, just not well explained anywhere and if not followed exactly, won't work.

1) Install Latest Intel Driver

2) Disable Intel Driver via Device Manager

3 ) Install Toshiba BT Stack, Reboot, Profit!

The point is you can't install Toshiba BT stack ontop of the stock Microsoft BT Stack. AND, to get it work, you must install Intel's drivers then DISABLE them before installing Toshiba BT Stack. I have replicated this over and over (the drivers seem to need to be re-installed every few months? perhaps due to Microsoft Updates..., but I don't loose my profiles during re-installation)

To Re-Install >>
Note : If this fails then Reboot to safe mode (from CMD) and uninstall then follow installation steps.

Uninstall Toshiba BT Stack via Control Panel (Select NO to removing Profiles)
Uninstall Intel Drivers via Installation Media (.exe)

If you have serious problems removing Intel Drivers, check this out >> Completely Remove Intel BT Stack

>> Reboot and follow Installation steps.

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