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Windows (desktop not server, for that you NEED desktop experience) comes pre-ready to mount remote WebDav shares. Seeing how it lacks SSH/NFS/FTP and everything else it seems.... windows..... anyway I was saying. This is the one protocol it comes with and if you say, go to the library and hop on a computer, its cool to mount your entire server!

Anyway the CLI Syntax:

netsh use [DRIVE_LETTER] http[s]://[DOMAIN]/owncloud/remote.php/webdav *OPTIONAL* /user:[USERNAME][SINGLE SPACE][PASSWORD]

If you don't pass UNAME/PWD it just prompts, thats more for a saved CMD file that you use often on a trusted system.


net use Z: /user:JoeSmith MyComplExPassWord

Note: For other OS's and the source post read here. I noticed there article doesn't use /owncloud/webdav but just /webdav. Perhaps It is because I use proxyPass but I am thinking the article is outdated.

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