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I love to automate and my VPN was no different. Once it was working I set out to automate it. To disable GUI *After you made sure it works right?* Configure Windows Client

Edit the following OpenVPN-NOGUI registry key.


To make the VPN-Connect.CMD use something like this: (Changing "FreeSoftwareServers.ovpn" -- requires a seperate CMD for each VPN config)


cd C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config && openvpn-gui.exe --connect FreeSoftwareServers.ovpn

To Create VPN-Kill.cmd use this: (Works for any connected OpenVPN)



taskkill.exe /F /IM openvpn-gui.exe && taskkill.exe /F /IM openvpn.exe

And definitely read up on Silent CMDs.

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