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Group Start and Stop Order:


  • You can't use 'pcs -f cibname' for this command, it will say "Group not Found"
  • This will start groups in order input and stop them in reverse order


pcs constraint order start SQL-Group then WWW-Group
pcs constraint order start WWW-Group then ASTERISK-Group

Colocations Run on same Node

Infinity = MUST run on same node

pcs constraint colocation add WWW-Group with ASTERISK-Group INFINITY

Disable STONITH (Shoot the Other Node in the Head)

pcs property set stonith-enabled=false

Prefer node1 for webserver :

pcs constraint location webserver prefers node1=50

Set Boot Order virtual_ip then webserver:

pcs constraint order virtual_ip then webserver

Require webserver to run on same host as virtual_ip

pcs constraint colocation add webserver with virtual_ip INFINITY

Change timeout from 20 seconds to 240

pcs resource op defaults timeout=240s
Based on ClusterLabs reccomendation regarding how to handle data after a recovery, they recommend using the following.
pcs resource defaults resource-stickiness=100 &&  pcs resource defaults

I rec clicking the link above to further understand what is going on with that command.

Remove Resource :

pcs resource delete ClusterMon-External

Remove Constraint :

1st gather info :

 pcs constraint --full
pcs constraint remove location-webserver-node2-50


 pcs constraint --full

Remove Constraints

Good Reads :


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