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This assumes the Basics of PXE are configured like tftp root and dhcp/dns.

Ok so I found the official PDF had quite some issues.

First off, my entire ISO had the file name in caps. You will need to extract the entire ISO anyway, so extract it onto a linux server and use this to fix that.

for i in $( ls | grep [A-Z] ); do mv -i $i `echo $i | tr 'A-Z' 'a-z'`; done
Next was they expected the entire contents of the ISO to be in the tftp root like /srv/tftp/[TONS OF FILES]

Well I want it to be /srv/tftp/esxi/[bootfiles]

So I had to manually edit boot.cfg and find and replace all "/" with " " aka nothing. This allowed me to modify the path in the default file.

The default file contains the following :

DEFAULT install
LABEL install
KERNEL esxi/mboot.c32
APPEND -c esxi/boot.cfg

If you wanted the prefix to change you would change "esxi" portion on both.

Now that your files are lower case, your default file says all files should be /[tftproot]/esxi/[files] and all "/"'s have been removed from the boot.cfg you are set to go.

Your file tree should look like this:

 ??? tftproot
    |-- pxelinux.0
    ??? esxi

        |-Contents of ISO + custom boot.cfg and default file (which gets symlinked)

    ??? pxelinux.cfg
        ??? default -> ../esxi/default
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