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Credit to ObiHai!

Requirements :

- Landline not in HI or AK
- Unlocked Cell Phone
- Set up T-Mobile Pre-paid Acct (Charge Varies)
- 20$ Google Voice Port Charge

First, lets make sure this is even possible.

Follow this link  & input your phone number.

Msg: Ooops! This number appears to be from an area we don't currently support.
Bad news bears, you number can't be ported over. (Won't work for Hawaii or Alaska for example)

Number Port Message Bad

Msg: Ooops! We currently don't support porting from your carrier. We apologize and are working on adding support for more carriers.
This is what we want, this means that your number will work!

Number Port Message Good

Now transfer your number to a Mobile Carrier like T-Mobile :

Grab a new SIM and insert it into phone and call T-Mobile and ask to have your landline ported over. You may have to contact your Landline providor to confirm this as well as "unlock" the number for transfer.

Then port it over to Google Voice :

Go back to the link, and when it asks if you want to transfer your number or get a new number, you hit transfer, and google will charge a ONE TIME fee of 20$. You will need all your newly created T-Mobile Account Information. Afterwards you will get an e-mail from Google in 1-3 Days confirming the transfer.

Note: Google Voice can't be used to call 911 but there are ways to make it work!

I have read good reviews on Anveo E911 Service :
What is the charge for E911?
We have a number of E911 options, Basic E911 is $1.2 per month plus $2 one time setup fee, E911 with Alerts option is $1.5 per month plus $2 one time setup fee.

The oldschool way was to just map 911 on the phone to the local 911 Phone Number.

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