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Just leaving this around, but I'd never use it. `PRINT.EXE` sucks... Can't even print PDF's generated from "Microsoft Print to PDF".... Use AcroRd32.EXE or another 3rd party PDF printer. I'm working on a jumbo print all script for pdf/docx/xlsx/pptx as well.


@echo off
::listfiles "C:\tmp\New folder" *.pdf
set PRINTCMD=print
set SERVER=MyServer

set SHARE=MyPrinter

setlocal enableextensions enabledelayedexpansion
call :find-files %1 %2
::echo PATHS: %PATHS%
::echo NAMES: %NAMES%
goto :eof

    set PATHS=
    set NAMES=
    for /r "%~1" %%P in ("%~2") do (
        set PATHS=!PATHS! "%%~fP"
        set NAMES=!NAMES! "%%~nP%%~xP"
goto :eof


@echo off
pushd %~dp0

call "%~dp0\Print_Files.cmd" "%~dp0\" *.pdf
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