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This was used with Windows Server 2012 R2

This requires a correctly configured Network Shared "root" folder.

In this example, the root folder is on the networked share \\[computername]\[share]


Now new users will have the documents folder on the Network Share under Example:


& It will Not exist on the local computer being signed into by user!

Step 1: Open Group Policy Management

Group Policy Management

Right click the "OU" you want to link the GPO to and click "Create GPO in this domain and link it here"


Call it what you want, in this example  "Sports Redirect"

Now right click and select "Edit"


Now expand down to "User Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Folder Redirection\Documents"

Right click folder to be redirected and select properties


Select Basic Settings >> Create Folder Under Root Path >> Network Share Location


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