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- DL Link (DL Portable version if using Network)

- Unzip and run retroarch.exe

Note: Hard to control, I had to use a mix of controller + keyboard + mouse

* To go "backwards" right click on mouse

Setup RetroArch!

# Online Updater >> Core Updater >> and download "cores" for Emulators

Under Settings :

# Driver >> Video Driver >> d3d (Note: I'm on a rediculous VM IOMMU Setup, but d3d didn't work for me, went back to GL, but I'd bet d3d is better if it works for you)
# Video >> Aspect Ratio >> 16:9 (Optional/Preferential can distort games, but uses whole screen)
# Video >> Use FullScreen Mode (Note: You may not want to enable this till you're done w/ setup!)
# Input >> Menu Toggle Gamepad Combo >> L3+R3
# Input >> Input User 1 Binds >> Bing L3 (Left Bumber) and R3 (Right Bumper) 
~ This enables bringing up Retrolaunch menu during game for many things like video options, add to favorites (this is the Only way to add a game to Favorites), and Save/Load States)
# Settings >> User Interface >> Show Advanced Settings >> On 

Main menu:

# Go all the way to right to Scan Directories and Add Games 
# Go back and Quit RetroArch, if you start game, settings won't be saved!
# Restart RertoArch
# Load a game and if it works, and library is satisfactory, test other systems, etc, once happy w/ Retroarch move onto ICE *The HARD/Fun part...* 

Note: Graphics probably need to be adjusted per game via the menu when the game is running (L3+R3), you will then need to exit game and restart it for the changes to take effect.

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