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To Install on Ubuntu Server


sudo ufw allow 111 && sudo ufw allow 2049
sudo apt-get install -y nfs-kernel-server && sudo cp -a /etc/exports /etc/exports.backup && sudo nano /etc/exports && sudo exportfs -ra && sudo service nfs-kernel-server restart


Allow all to mount

/home/partimag *(rw,async,insecure,no_subtree_check,nohide) 



Allow 192.168.1.*

/home/partimag  192.168.1.*(rw,async,insecure,no_subtree_check,nohide)


To have sub-directories that are separate mounts/partitions/hard-drives they must be exported on server via /etc/exports but on client only mount root and then access will be granted within sub-tree otherwise you will just see empty folders at mount points

Read up on the Mount Options

If connecting from Windows read Mount NFS Exports with NFS-Client

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