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Public ClipboardStrNewLineArr() As String
Public Function GetClipboardStr() As String
 Dim Clipboard As MsForms.DataObject
 Set Clipboard = New MsForms.DataObject
 GetClipboardStr = Clipboard.GetText(1)
End Function
Public Sub GetClipboardStrNewLineArr()
 Dim ClipBoardStr As String
 ClipBoardStr = GetClipboardStr
 ClipboardStrNewLineArr() = Split(ClipBoardStr, vbNewLine)
End Sub
Sub TestIng()
 Call GetClipboardStrNewLineArr
 For i = 0 To UBound(ClipboardStrNewLineArr)
  Debug.Print "NewLine # = " & i
  Debug.Print ClipboardStrNewLineArr(i)
End Sub
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