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Simple check for script that outputs goot/bad.html on XYMon-Server:

I then created a localhost with an descriptive name for an http check. API-TEST #

Simple but it works!

Sudo Check :

Thank you big time to IT-ECKERT for pointing this out, if you have trouble with a custom script, you may need to grant xymon passwordless sudo access to executable like so:

Find Path to Executable:

xymon@host:/bin$ pwrstatd
-bash: /usr/sbin/pwrstatd: Permission denied

Grant XYMon PWDless SUDO Access to Command:

sudo visudo && sudo service sudo restart 
xymon  ALL=(ALL)       NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/pwrstatd 

AKA /path/to/executable, there IS a space between ": /"




su -s /bin/sh xymon 
sudo /usr/sbin/prwstat 

Hide Column: (Doesn't stop test if it goes RED, you'll get an E-Mail)

I personally like having procs/ports columns, even if I don’t define checks, I can quickly view my open ports and running procs, but if you don’t define file checks you just get a useless column, so I have this on all my hosts pretty much. host #  NOCOLUMNS:files (If you want more  NOCOLUMNS:files,ports,procs etc etc.)

Test Failing E-Mail Alerts :

/usr/lib/xymon/server/bin/xymond_alert --test testsite.com http
Mail alert with command '/var/mail/root "Xymon [12345] testsite.com:http CRITICAL (RED)" accountusername@businessdomain.com'

Does this work on the CLI?

Check SSL Certs : HOST # apache=https://www.domain.com/server-status?auto TRENDS:*,apache:apache|apache1|apache2|apache3

E-Mail for all hosts when red more then 30 min, repeat every hour and a recovery notice e-mail:

sudo nano /etc/xymon/alerts.cfg
MAIL freesoftwareservers@gmail.com DURATION=<30m REPEAT=1h COLOR=red RECOVERED=1

Configure IGNORE host/service time inside Wild Card host statement


IGNORE HOST=server.domain.com SERVICE=cpu TIME={*/4}:2359:0001

Explation of TIME, I found lacking in the help page....

TIME:(# Representing Day of Week, 4 = Thursday, * = Everyday):Timestamp 2359 = 11:59PM 0001 = 12:01AM

Ubuntu Default XYMONHOME:




Run Custom Script Manually to update/test :

From XYMon-Server : (This uses Ubuntu XYMon-Home Default)

/usr/lib/xymon/client/bin/xymoncmd /usr/lib/xymon/client/ext/myscript.sh {-d = debug}

Drop Test/Column :
From XYMon-Server : (This uses Ubuntu XYMon-Home Default)

/usr/lib/xymon/server/bin/xymon "drop [HOSTNAME] [COLUMNNAME]"

Delay Red (in hosts.cfg)

delayred=disk:10,cpu:30, a red disk-status will not appear on the Xymon webpages until it has been red for at least 10 minutes. 



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