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VBox Manage Commands :

VBoxManage list runningvms
VBoxManage list vms
VBoxManage showvminfo "[VMNAME]"
VBoxManage unregistervm "[VMNAME]"
VBoxManage createvm [VMNAME] --register /srv/Virtualbox/[VMNAME]/[VMNAME].vbox
VBoxManage registervm /srv/Virtualbox/[VMNAME]/[VMNAME].vbox
VBoxManage setproperty machinefolder /srv/Virtualbox
VBoxManage controlvm "[VMNAME]" poweroff
vboxheadless -s [VMNAME] & [START VM in background]

VirtualBox Installation Commands:

vboxmanage --version
vboxmanage list extpacks
sudo VBoxManage extpack uninstall "Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack"


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