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This Project was not created by me and is hosted @ TheOven. All credit goes to them.

While the OS is Non-Persistent you can still put files inside the USB and access from inside the OS, or use ISO Master to insert files to have a master ISO.

I like to use this with Macrium Reflect, because I can install the full program and restore from network shares over WiFi. Currently Windows official WinPE does not support WiFi. It has a million other useful implementations though, its like the LiveOS that most Linux Distributions comes with!

Install Notes for ALL Versions:

Unzip the program and run:


Click scripts and point to extracted ISO directory. Click the big blue Play Button!

Note: default folder lengths unzipped to root are TOO LONG, you MUST make it C:/WinPE/BuilderSE.exe any longer and it will fail to create ISO.

To get updated scripts you can click the download tab before running.( I found that anything more the recommended and I got errors building.)

Also, You need a Retail version of the ISO not a modified one or one created via MediaCreationTool. (Direct DL Links for 8.1 below, the rest you are on your own!)

Other OS's:

You can add Parted Magic ISO under "Other OS" tab. But the directory doesn't exist until after you hit Play [You must go to Downloads >> Other OS >> PartedMagic script]. Then Place ISO in directory.

The Path needs to be:
\%ProjectPath%\WorkBench\Common\PartedMagic\pmagic_2013-08-01.iso (Check naming of pmagic, default is pmagic_2013_08_01.iso)

The Win8.1 PE has the option for OtherISO's and can add any ISO. (Up to 4) I haven't been able to test this much, the boot menu doesn't seem to work on my UEFI setup and the ISO needs to be a writeable USB to boot correctly. *The ISO's show up in the Boot Options inside VirtualBox but don't work*

Read here for WaikTroubles.

--Windows 10 -- Home Page

Download This

"The Win10PE SE project provides a basis for building a PE environment using a Windows 10™ DVD and supports both x86 and x64 architectures.
It does NOT provide support for running 32bit programs (WoW64) in x64 building." - Quoted from

Note: My Windows 10 failed if I had the Korean IME tab ticked.



--Windows 8.1 -- Home Page

Download This

"Win8.1SE project is based on PE5 environment and will use a Windows 8.1 DVD and supports both x86 or x64 architectures.
2 types of constructions are possible in Win8.1SE.
- OS in RAM: to build a lightweight Win8.1 OS in RAM with the Administrator login and the full Windows 8.1 registry.
- PE in RAM: to build a PE5 environment based on Windows 8.1 with the System account." -- Quoted from

The Windows 8.1 PE Project REQUIRES this ISO:

Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation:

x64 Official
x32 Official (Note that the x64 for Win 8.1 PE has x32 Compatibility)




--Windows 7 -- Home Page

Download This

"Win7PE SE project is based on PE environment and will use a Windows7 SP0 or SP1, Architecture x86 or x64 DVD." - Quoted from


Win7PE Desktop



--Windows XP -- Home Page (AKA Gena)

WinXP_PE Desktop

Download This

"By default, Gena boots fine with 96 MB available RAM (128 MB advised). Of course, RAM requirement can be easily lowered with some techniques (but we do not believe today's users have PC with lower than 96 MB available RAM). Depending on which script selections are made and how many apps are included, Gena builds at around ~60 MB with full mass storage driver support. Using WimBoot Gena builds at around ~30 MB, which makes for easy and quick booting (esp. PXE booting conditions)." - Quoted from

" Supported combinations of architecture and service packs are: XP-x86-SP3, XP-x86-SP2, 2k3-x86-SP2, 2k3-x86-SP1, XP/2k3-x64-SP2, XP/2k3-x64-SP0." - Quoted from

Note: For WinXP Gena you can download the package called "sweet" with addon's. Just copy the project folder inside "sweets" over to the main app aka "meal". Then Run WinXPPE Builder.
-- I Couldn't build successfully with the Sweets Addon so I just build "meal" with recommended scripts.

WinXP_PE Desktop

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