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  • Access Recovery via pressing Option + R when powering on Mac
  • Open Disk Utility
  • View All Devices
  • Create New Partition by hitting + symbol in blue 
  • You must change the partition size before selecting to FORMAT as MS-DOS(FAT)
  • We will add a 3rd Partition later

B: Disable "rootless environment" >> (See El Capitan Addendum:)


  • Reboot and unplug everything but USB
  • Load USB
  • NOTE IF YOU DON'T SEE "EFI Boot" your USB isn't formatted correctly!
  • When selecting drive, delete previously created partition and create new NTFS Partition
  • This is a good time to create the 3rd "Shared" Partition
  • Note My windows rebooted more than normal, but it finally got to the "Setup" screen


Boot into each OS and confirm you can read/write a simple file to all 3 partitions.

  • Rec making 3rd Partition NTFS for best Windows support. Ext3 for best Linux support.