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Installing the FreePBX Distro 7 has been a NIGHTMARE for me..., but I got through all the setup parts finally!

Issue 1) Can't install on Adaptec 6405e because the raid partitions show up as removable drive's.

Issue 2) I hate LVM and don't want to use it

Resolution for Issue 1 and 2 are the same:

Comment out the following in the base.ks kickstart file in the ISO.

#include /run/install/repo/kickstarts/diskconf.include
#include /tmp/partitioning

Finally got it loaded and wanted to use "grub2-reboot 'parted magic'" so I could do backups via CloneZilla (a big part of why I dont like LVM is backing it up via CloneZilla is much harder, i've never been successfull, but I know its possible)

This took me a few days to figure out..., but you have to remove the symlink in /boot/grub2/grubenv* which is  a symlink to /boot/efi/*** even on MBR installs...

I know they wouldn't approve, but I am looking forward to testing MariaDB 10.1 Galera on FreePBX Distro 7!


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