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Just another Linux/Server blog.. with some other stuff thrown in there! - 100% NOT FOR PROFIT

About This Site:

This site is just a place for me to share the technology related hurtles I have overcome. Once you get into using the CLI, you realize how important it is to document things! With that being said, nothing on here is guaranteed to work, or even be correct! Take it as you will. Most of what I write is taken from other guides and mix-n-matched for what works for me. Also, almost all my guides will be extremely short and to the point, not a lot of explaining the code. I LOVE short guides, so that's what I make :) If I helped, please leave a comment, I enjoy hearing success stories and if you find a problem, please comment as well!


My Main OS is Ubuntu 14 currently, but I also use CentOS for Asterisk/FreePBX and anything to do with Linux High-Availability. There will be some content in here related to Windows and Android among other random topics, but 99% of the content will be either about Hyper-visors or Linux Servers.

I also run my own VMWare ESXI server and am a die-hard fan of VMWare and Virtualization. My first server I built everything right on the hardware, and if I ever messed something up, or wanted to start fresh to make sure my notes were good, I had to re-create everything. Virtualization has vastly increased my backup strategy and my learning time by giving me the ability to deploy OVA Templates which are already 90% configured and can be destroyed without effecting the rest of my ecosystem.



About Me:

I fell in love with Linux and servers while studying for Computer Networking Associates in the CENT program at Honolulu Community College. I spend way to much time learning about Linux,servers and finding technological things to learn, but it has started to pay off! I currently work as the only dedicated Network Operations guy at my work. 

Outside of servers and Linux, I enjoy walking my dog, travelling, hiking, riding motorcycle and watching anything that starts with "star", but mostly Stargate!


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