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This will take your current OS and make it into a Live ISO!

Install RemasterSys


sudo remastersys backup


Now your custom ISO is in custom-backup



DONT USE remastersys DIST ## It created LiveISO with only Guest Account but no Sudo Password!

Note that it works as is, but I don't like the custom splash screen and the other customizations, so I like to extract the casper/filesystem* files and place inside the stock ISO, there are instructions below. Another Thing to note is that it doesn't copy /etc/network/interfaces. I created a script that echo'd my configs to /etc/network/interfaces and then ran the proper commands.

[Update] The eth0 works fine with the stock /interfaces, its the wifi that needed echoing. Don't use RC.local for this, use cron @reboot / Example Here

--Remastersys does copy wpa_supplicant.

 sudo remastersys            ## Gives you the options
sudo remastersys clean           ## Cleans Temp Files


Now Use ISO Master to extract the /casper/filesystem* files from the custom ISO and place it inside Ubuntu Stock ISO.

You will need to replace isolinux.cfg as well Skip Try it before you Install it Screen

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