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Ok So I had a smearing problem which is what I was reading about troubleshooting when I read this is the preferred method for RTSP streams in ZoneMinder. I *think* that if your RTSP stream works via FFMpeg then it should work this way.

A reason this is preferred is it forces TCP connections. There may be more, but it worked right away for me, no smore smearing and I didn't change any settings in my Camera.

Basically you are going to select the following

Source = Remote

Remote Protocol = RTSP

Remote Method = RTP/RTSP

Annoyingly [I really hate when they make you take apart a working link because every site does it different, do I put in the http:// or do I leave it out, do I add the "/" or do I leave it out, but anyway]

You need to convert this example full RTSP stream link into 3 parts. Example:

Remote Host Name = admin:PassWoRD@     # No :PORT # No RTSP://
Remote Host POrt = 88                                                       # NO :
Remote Host Path = /videoMain                                          # Make sure to start with "/"
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