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NOTE: This video is PURPOSELY under PIAF, They have the best OUT OF BOX Support for Google Voice. IncrediblePBX also does, but FreePBX can be a pain to get Google Voice to work with.

- I use PIAF Green OVA (Converted from Virtualbox to VMWare)

Tutorial Video(s) :

This is the Text Version of that Video. 

I am assuming you are on a fresh updated VM at this point.
I Rec making a snapshot now and after of course.

Enable the Google Voice Motif.

You need to download the Unsupported Module under Admin >> Module Admin.

Settings >> Asterisk SIP Settings

First, put Chan_Sip back to listenting on default port of 5060, this requires a restart of Asterisk. (service asterisk restart)
CHAN SIP Settings :

Bind Port = 5060 

Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls = NO
External Address = DDNS
Local Networks =
Codecs :
ULaw = Google Voice MAX audio quality
More codes might = more CPU, disable everything else.

Applications >> Extension

Chan_SIP Extensions >> + Add New Chan_SIP Extension

User Extension = 201
Display Name = Whatever you Want
Outbound CID = Google Voice # (No dash/space etc, just 10 #'s)
Secret = Password
User Manager Settings :
Link to a Default User = Create New User
Username (Create Custom Username) = Extension (201)
Password for New User = Secret (Make the same)
Voicemail :
Enabled = NO (Use Google VoiceMail instead)
Advanced :
Qualify = NO
Other :
Add to iSympony = NO
Create User = NO
Full User = NO


Submit + Apply 

Connectivity >> Google Voice Motif

Google Voice Username = E-Mail w/o @Gmail
Google Voice Passwod = G-Mail PWD
Google Voice Phone Number = Google Voice # without Spaces or Dashs
Check all 3 Boxes
Hit Submit + Aplly 
I had restart Asterisk at this point to view Connected Status
Click on New Google Voice Box in corner to check Status
Should say Connected in Green

Connectivity >> Outbound Route >> Their should already be a pre-create outbound Route that we need to edit the Dial Plan

Dial Patters :
Copy first Dial Patter and create a new one with a + [+1NXXNXXXXXX]

Submit + Apply

Connectivity >> Inbound Route >> Add Inbound Route

DID # = Google Voice # (No dash's or spaces)
Set Destination = Extension = 201 

Submit + Apply

Restart Server via CommandLine

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