tail -F /var/log/vmkernel.log
Usage: esxcli storage nfs add [cmd options]
add Add a new NAS volume to the ESX Host and mount it with the given volume name.
Cmd options:
-H|--host= The hostname or IP address of the NAS volume to add and mount on the system. (required)
-r|--readonly If set this flag will set the mount point to be read-only.
-s|--share= The share name on the remote system to use for this NAS mount point. (required)
The volume name to use for the NAS mount. This must be a unique volume name and cannot conflict with existing NAS, VMFS
or other volume names. (required) 


esxcli storage add nfs -H [HOSTNAME] -s [/export] -v [DESCRIPTION_NAME] -r [READ_ONLY] 


esxcli storage nfs remove -v [DESCRIPTION_NAME]